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Peeps Marshmallows In A Soy Sauce Dispenser

This video is dedicated to our friend, Alison! She never tires from watching Peeps expand and their faces squished up against things. Makes her giggle every time... Somehow reminds me of Bart Simpson. I recall that episode where he was part of an experiment where they used shock treatment to "teach" him not to touch something. He kept touching it over and over and getting shocked each time and he never did "learn." Go figure. Just kidding, Alison. Thanks again for the donation!

BTW, this video plays back at 2X speed. It's a little too slow to watch at regular speed. Well, I'm sure Alison would watch it at any speed, but us normal people have shorter attention spans and need instant gratification.


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peeps in a soy sauce dispenser

peeps in a soy sauce dispenser

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