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Special thanks to Lori for donating a Snowball! Lori, I hope I got the name correct, if it's not a "Snowball," please let me know. Well, this was an interesting one. It did expand as expected since it's surrounded by marshmallow, but whoda thunk it would have liquified like it did. Oh yeah, and the smell! This is probably the first and last Snowball we'll ever do. Whenever you microwave something that's not meant to be microwaved, it gives off a highly concentrated odor of whatever the substance is.

Okay, I know I said that this is the first and last Snowball we'll do, but you know that if you dangle another one in front of us, we wouldn't be able to resist...

P.S. Please note too that that glove covered hand is not Michael Jackson, it's obviously Chan. Derek don't wear gloves.


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