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Hi Kat
320 x 240 @ 512 Kbps

hi kat

This video is somewhat of an experiment to see if a larger, higher bitrate WMV is preferred over the current format. I have both the original 320x240 @ 512K format and a 640x480 @ 2000K format. The new format will not likely "stream" very smoothly, but if you just let the entire video download, it should loop continuously. if you are on Firefox, you'll need to hit the play button on the video viewer. If people like this new format, I may go back and reencode some of our other videos at this higher bitrate so you can see additional detail.

320 x 240 @ 512 Kbps (original format)
640 x 480 @ 2000 Kbps
720 x 480 @ 2000 Kbps slow motion

If you're curious about the significance of the "Hi Kat" wording, this was a small experiment of ours. It was a "This is how MicrowaveCam.com sends greets" thing. We thought users would get a kick out of seeing their names getting zapped in a microwave oven. The video came out amusing, but we definitely need to mount names on something other than construction paper (I'll take full credit for that brilliant idea).

Well, let us know what you think of the two video formats.


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