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Our Favorites

Some of our videos are winners and some are not. The really boring ones we don't upload. We've tried various foods and inanimate objects. Some just end up giving off horrible odors and some are more boring than watching paint dry. We will continuously update this page with our favorites. The ones that make you say, "holy crap, that's cool!" So if you only have time to check out some of our videos, you should at least check these out.

If you have any requests, just e-mail us at microwavecam@gmail.com. We really don't mind buying various foods that people request especially if we can eat the remainder of experiments.

  gold leaf   DVD
Etch A Sketch
  Spooky Cats Peeps
  Gold Leaf
  DVD - Our clearest CD/DVD yet
using our newest video setup
    egg   glow sticks
Pop Tarts Package - (slow motion)
  Three Peeps In A Basket
  Glow Sticks
Grapes Success! - (slow motion)
Myth Confirmed!
  Another plasma fireball!
(slow motion)
  1/3 Bar of soap - (slow motion)
  Mayonnaise - (slow motion)
Don't miss this one!
Soap - (slow motion)
Something creepy about this one
  CD In Jewel Case - (slow motion)
  CD on fire - (slow motion)
  Kona Coffee Packages Rotating -
(slow motion)
Pop Tarts Packages - (slow motion)
  Peeps! - (slow motion)
  Mayonnaise - (slow motion)
Made us shut down the micro!
  Metallic stuff - (slow motion)
Who needs sparklers?

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