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Contest #4 - $25

contest 4

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3/18/07 - WINNER! It was Vicks NyQuil LiquiCaps! Congratulations Wolfmuncher!

3/16/07 - Hint #5, 1 minute of video.

3/12/07 - Hint #4, 48 seconds of video. Nothing has been added to or combined with the item. The item may be a single item or multiples of the same item. The item was removed from its packaging/wrapper before being microwaved.

3/9/07 - Hint #3, 40 seconds of video.

3/6/07 - Hint #2, 16 seconds of video.

3/4/07 - Hint #1 is more of a "teaser."  The contest video now shows a little more detail and from a different angle.

3/1/07 - It's been a while since our last contest, so to get things going again, this contest is for $25! We're doing this contest with a little twist. The video will be presented in increments in "reverse." So you'll see the final outcome first. Good luck!

Contest Rules
Contest #4 Information And Hints - $25
Contest #4 Guesses


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  contest 4

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