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Yes, it's been almost years since I updated this site. I am thinking of bringing the site back to life, but it'll take at least several weeks for me to come up with new content... Stay tuned...

Hope everyone out there celebrated a fun and safe 4th of July.

Contest #5 for $20 - ENDED

It's been a while since our last update. We even missed this site's 1st anniversary which was on 5/1/07. Now that summer is here, I'll hopefully have more time to work on this site and try to come up with some fresh ideas.

Contest #4 is now running, the prize is $25! - ENDED

We are now on our third and best camera so far! Our first two cameras sooner or later got screwed up. The first got squirted with glow stick liquid which ruined the lens beyond repair. Our second camera for whatever reason was plagued with problems such as the yellowish tint and blurry video. Our third setup we think is a winner.

CDs are "old school" for us already, but with this new camera setup, we did a few CDs just to get some higher quality captures of the classic CD in a microwave oven. Here is the first video using our new camera setup.

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Happy New Year!
Well, it's been a month since our last video. Just been too busy with the holiday routine. We got a few good videos this weekend. Here's a request from corvettegirl721, an empty ink cartridge.

Contest #3 is now running! - ENDED

We are experimenting with encoding our videos at a higher bitrate which results in a higher quality video. Check these out.
320x240 @ 512 Kbps
640x480 @ 2000 Kbps
640x480 @ 2000 Kbps Slow Motion

Reminder: I'm planning on releasing Contest #3 tomorrow at noon HST (GMT-10).


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